First Friday Freebie #03

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It’s the first Friday of August which means … I’ve created a free print! You’ll probably need a lot of ink for this one. I created this print against this (slightly gloomy) background as a little reminder that the best days are ahead of us. There is always room for the (really, really) good kind of unimaginable. You can frame it, use blutack (or washi tape) to stick to your wall, or use a clipboard (like this) to hang it.

Download it here. And as always, this is for personal use only x




Escape To: Cebu, Philippines


I thought I’d do my long overdue Cebu/Oslob travel post a little differently. You only need to google it to fall in-love with the place and add it to your travel bucket list. I do have one tip for getting around Cebu though, and it seems counter-intuitive… but. DO NOT BOOK OR JOIN A TOUR.

Instead, find a driver slash tourist-guide. You’ll save heaaaps more money. You won’t have such a tight schedule to do things. Also, the chances of the driver/tour guide being friends with people in the tourism industry (whale shark watching guides, boat hire, canyoneering guide, snorkeling gear hire, etc) are HIGH. Which means, they will try to get a discount for you. At least our driver/tour guide did, anyway.

We stayed at an Airbnb in the city that has an amazing city view but will not recommend. It was in the same street as Cebu’s Edge Coaster though. And yes, it’s what it sounds like – a “roller coaster” at the edge of a 130-meter tall building.

For our time in Oslob, we stayed at this resort. Once you’re in Oslob, there are a lot of options of things to do, which I think suits both the extreme and chilled-out traveler. Cebu (especially Oslob) is such a beautiful place to just relax and be still. Seriously, google it.

First Friday Freebie #02

Design, Freebies

It’s FRI-YAY! And it’s the first day (and first Friday) of June (and the first day of winter, too), which means I have a printable for you! Yes, this type work is inspired by the Beatles’ “Here Comes The Sun”, but, since it’s winter on this side of the globe, we hardly ever see the sun. Okay, maybe that’s not completely true. But I feel like we see more of the stars and moon than the sun now. Hello winter!

So, I’ve created a little A4 print for you that you can download here. If you print it on a cardstock paper, you’ll get a better result. Just remember that this is for personal use only x

Escape to: Hong Kong


We (Australian-based family and I) only stayed in Hong Kong for 3 days, and to be honest, it felt waay too short. I love the idea of travelling, and I’ve always told myself that when I do travel to a new city, I’d like to stay long. Long, like at least a week (unless it’s a really really small city). I felt like there was so much more to this city than Disneyland and night markets.

The thing that impressed me the most about Hong Kong is their public transport. It is so easy to navigate – everything is colour-coded, from the signs around the train station to the signs inside the train. And it’s so much faster than Auckland’s trains (Sorry, Auckland.) Despite it’s chaos, you can’t get lost trying to get from point A to point B.

We stayed at this Air BNB in Jordan, and I loved its location. It was close to the train station (10-minute walk), and it was close to a couple of bakeries (if you know me, I love bakeries … because bread and pastries) and Temple Street Night Market. I could try to give you advice, but I think A Pair and A Spare’s Hong Kong guides will be so much more helpful than mine. I basically did my research on Hong Kong through her blog. Anyways, I don’t think I can say much about Hong Kong, so here are a few photos to make up for my lack of words.