So Joshua


I’ve noticed something about the book of Joshua. First, his character is the same character I pray my future husband possesses. Second, if you read the book, you’ll see that Joshua’s name only appeared after “God” or “The Lord” was mentioned. Joshua always followed God, literally in the book, and literally in his lifetime. The dynamic of their relationship goes something like this:

God said. So Joshua said this.

God said. So Joshua did that.

God said. So Joshua went there.

God said. So Joshua conquered them.

God said, “March around the city. Bring the ark of the covenant. Shout.”


Wait, what?

If I put myself in Joshua’s shoes, my first instinct as a commander trying to take a city would be: Fire. At. Will. Seriously. I can imagine his fear and confusion when he was told to use a tactic he did not expect, a battle plan he probably wasn’t used to.

But because God said, Joshua obeyed.

And because he obeyed, God gave him authority.

I want to see and be part of a generation with a “So Joshua” attitude. A “so I will” and “so I did” attitude simply because “God said.”

God said go and make disciples. So I will.

God said love your enemies. So I will.

God said fight the good fight. So I will.

Hunger Levels


You know the scene – you are starving. You haven’t done the groceries yet. You feel weak. There is nothing in the fridge, so you grab the MiGoreng, because the challenge now is to cook fast, and eat even faster. When it comes to the level of our spiritual hunger, please never ever let yourself starve, because a starving spirit and soul is never a good thing.

When you’re (physically) starving, you have a tendency to reach for what’s quick and easy. The mentality becomes this: if it’s gonna make me full fast, I’m having it.

We have to be careful with our hunger, because the Word of God is not the only thing that we can feed ourselves with. I will be the first to admit that the world offers a lot more appealing (junk) food than the bread of life. Quick to eat, and easy on the eyes.

Eve fell for the first junk food the world has put on offer.

The problem is – “quick and easy” may satisfy, but it will not sustain.

Only God can satisfy and sustain.

Yes, the Word of God is not quick and easy. I am an absolute bookworm, and I love reading, but I am convinced that parts of my Bible are written in ancient Greek. I am also convinced that after the book of Joshua, the rest of the Old Testament is no longer in English.

You are not alone. Literally. Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit to guide, teach, convict, and sanctify us. You can ask questions. I used to think that I will bother God with my questions because He’s too busy healing the sick. Why would God, who is so busy doing miracles, take a second to answer my curious mind? I now believe that no teacher wants their student to fail.

Let me put it bluntly: You can tell God you have no idea what He’s talking about.

He knows the Word, because He is the Word.

He can explain Himself.

He knows best how to reveal Himself to you.

Light / Dark


The Christmas tree and wreath are up. We have just thrown a Christmas party / dinner with our friends. I’m playing Christmas carols non-stop. It’s really the most wonderful time of the year.

It’s also the time when I officially have an excuse to go all out, super fancy (ish) with our dinner table set-up.

Over the past two years, I have accumulated a whole lot of dinner table decor (majority of it from KMART), because … I LOVE SETTING UP DINNER TABLES. And cooking for the people that I love. I will throw dinner parties every week day if I could.

So, I thought I’d share a couple of tablescapes to inspire you during this festive season.

Gold candlelight holders, cutlery, and placemat from KMART

Black plates from The Warehouse

Silver candlelight holder from IKEA

Blush plates from Adairs




So… Blush and gold, or black and gold?



I have heaps of stretch marks – on the back of my legs, the inside of my thighs, the side of my knees. They are everywhere. Where there is skin, there are stretch marks. I used to have acne too.  I used to cry about these things while playing “All By Myself” in the background.

Okay, the last part was a joke.

But I would be so insecure about these things and I’d do anything and everything to hide them and heal them. I would look at other girls with so much envy in my heart, because their skins looked spotless. (Well, stretch mark-less). I used to think of beauty, value, and worth as something that you can only see on the surface. But they’re not. And I hope that one day, I would be able to teach my own sons and daughters (and sons and daughters of the King), that beauty runs deeper than skin.

That there is beauty that runs far beyond the surface of your skin. And that is the very breath of the Creator who left His own fingerprint when He created you in His image.

You’ve heard this story:

On the first day, God spoke light into existence.

On the second and third day, He created water and land.

And on the fourth and the fifth, He created the rest.

But He didn’t stop there.

The same breath that spoke the galaxy and nature into existence, is the same breath that created His masterpiece, His finest work of art.


Fully known, fully loved


Hosea was a prophet – with a unique calling from God.

Love the prostitute, Gomer.

Yet Gomer was a gonner. She liked to run to all the wrong places. Still, Hosea pursued her. Still, Hosea loved her.

I’d like to believe Gomer believes (or at least believed) in love. I’d like to believe that no girl grew up thinking “I’m gonna sleep around when I grow up. I want to be married five, maybe six times.”

No girl dreamt of that.

No girl dreams of that.

I’d like to believe that Gomer was looking for true love, but somehow, always ended up more unsatisfied and unfulfilled than when she first started. So she looked for love again. And again. And again. She looked in all the wrong places. She looked for love, yet what she found was fake, cheap love.