Transformation Tuesday

Design, God-whispers

I have a confession to make.

I am an absolute sucker for movies that involve the lead character getting a makeover. I am ready for the day my Genovian queen nana will come and say that I’m a princess, so that someone else can come along and fix my wardrobe, my toenails, my hair and my eyebrows.

I think there is a reason why nail, hair, and even eyelashes salon still exist (and keep popping up). We all love a good transformation. Whether it’s chopping our hair off, buying a new mascara, changing our nail colours or getting our eyebrows threaded. Or waxed. I won’t judge.

We all feel good knowing that something about us has changed.

I wish I could tell you that when you accept Jesus into your life, you can assign the work to someone else, and you can just sit back, relax, and wait for Jesus to take you to eternity.

But you can’t.

Jesus can touch your heart.

But guarding your heart is your responsibility.

Hello, Proverbs 4:23.

The Holy Spirit can lead you.

But you have to follow.

The Bible instructs us in Romans 12 to not “conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of [our minds]. Then [we] will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will.”


To the ones who dream


I pray you have the courage to make your dream (slash goal) a reality, without trying to fast-forward through today, the here and now. Never stop dreaming.

And never ever ever stop praying.

Keep moving, keep learning, keep growing, keep going.

(Also, I just watched La la land again, and the song “The fools who dream” was stuck in my head and I need to (creatively) get it out of my system.)

Things I’d tell other 20-somethings


On skincare. Your skin is your biggest organ. Know your skin type, so that you can know what type of products to buy. In saying that, you should pay more attention to what you put inside your body instead of what you apply on it. Drink lots of water. Eat healthy. I like Glossier’s tagline: “Skincare first, makeup second, smile always”. Find a good, non-sticky sunscreen and always apply it before going outdoors. Even if it’s cloudy.

On health. You’re old enough now to pay for a gym membership. Or a set of dumbbells and a yoga mat if gym is not your thing. Go for long walks. Eat healthy. Even if it’s just 85% of the time. Snack healthy, too. Avoid caffeine. Yes, I’m really saying this. If you read the ingredient list and you have no clue what it says. Ditch it. Your body will thank you for it.

On fashion. Own your style. Okay, I have no idea how to give advice on fashion. Oops.

On career. What makes you come alive? What do you love to do? What are you good at? You will work five days a week, so you might as well take the time to figure out what you love. Now is the time to go back to school, move to a different country or work for something that stirs something on the inside of you.

On relationships. Always find time to catch up with your friends. Keep the communication lines open – even if the other one is a few thousand miles away. Cherish them and cheer them on. First dates are judgement day. But that’s okay. Over time you will grow comfortable with each other. There won’t always be butterflies, but there will be peace and a sense of belonging. At least, I hope anyway.

On travel. Be brave. Learn a bit about the culture. Learn the language. Even if it’s just basic sentences like, “Hello”, “Thank you”, “Can I buy this?”, “I need to get here” or “Can you please take an Instagram-worthy shot of me?” Set aside one or two days in your itinerary that is completely blank. Explore. Get lost. Fall in love with the city. Be a tourist in your country (especially New Zealand) because it is absolutely beautiful! There is always something new to discover.

On God. He is real, He is alive, and He loves you – more than you know and more than my words could ever say. His name is Jesus and He is calling you home. If you haven’t had an encounter with Him, then can I challenge you to challenge Him to make Himself known to you?

Test shots


Last Christmas, my dad gave me a point-and-shoot camera, a Nikon A300. He said it’s the camera I can use if my “big camera” (DSLR) ever gets too heavy for me. Today, I gave it a test. The actual screen on the camera doesn’t do the photos justice. It’s a 20.1 megapixels camera, but when I look at the screen, it looks crappy. BUT, when I download the photos to my computer, the photos are pretty decent.

Anyways, I don’t want to ramble. I absolutely like it, and it would make such a good travel camera (especially if you’re me who likes all of her photos to be high-res.)

Does this mean I’ll stop bringing my DSLR everywhere I go?


I’ll probably bring both.