The Gray Nest: Lounge

The Gray Nest

If you follow me at all on social media, you know that I am trying to be famous and playing interior designer by starting the #thegraynest.

I thought I’d start by showing photos of the lounge, because that’s the first place you invite guests, right? But wait… Can I just say, a bare-walled house is quite boring. (Biased opinion. I like hand-lettering). So for our walls, I chose the word “together”, and a line from the infamous Sir Francis Drake’s poem/prayer.

“[In] losing sight of land, we shall find the stars.”

Anyways, hello and welcome to our little nest.

These frames are A2 in size, but, they look really really small. (Ah. Well. Oops.)

  • Couch from Nood
  • Pink “cushion” is actually an infinity scarf from Dotti
  • Oak A2 frames from Factory Frames
  • Print by yours truly, printed through Endemic World
  • Coffee table  + side table from Habitat for Humanity (side note: I absolutely love thrift shopping and thrift window-shopping here. If you are wanting a French Chic look for your nest, or can’t be bothered white-washing your own furniture, go here. Buying something from them helps them build and repair homes around the world that have been struck by disaster, so it’s a win-win situation. P.S. I’m not sponsored by them haha, but I thought everyone should know about them.)

Anyways, that’s it!