Hello! I’m Eleah, a 23-year old Communications-graduate turned graphic designer who is slightly obsessed with Harry Potter and Disney. I’m an introvert through and through – I enjoy being at home with a good book (or blog), running, baking, painting or hand-lettering. I love solo travel and staying in cities for a longer period of time.

This little space is an extension of my thoughts, creative process, and adventures.

I’m passionate about helping people to see their best ideas come to life – whether that’s in print form, or digital. I love to create beautiful designs that reflect someone’s personality (or their business). Whether you need a new logo, the full branding collateral, a flyer, or simply a custom hand-lettered poster, I’m sure we’ll be able to collaborate and have fun along the way.

I absolutely love meeting new people, too. I believe that every person has a story. And I honestly want to hear them all. Also, meeting people is a good excuse to check out new cafes, so please, don’t hesitate to say hello.