First Friday Freebie #05

First FRI-YAYs of the month are for freebies, of course!

I’ve created a little mantra / short pep-talk for anyone who feels a little bit “stuck” in their season of life. I will be the first to admit that sometimes the pressure can be intense – especially in the world of social media where everyone is only showing their highlight reel, and not much of their behind-the-scenes. This is for the one who feels a little scared (which I think is every 20-something out there), or for the one who has felt a little “left behind”. It’s time you say “yes” to everything that is good and perfect.

New adventures.

Wider horizons.

Deeper growth.

Big leaps.

Small steps (yes, they count too. And sometimes, I think small steps are more important than big leaps.)

And a new season – whatever that looks like for you.

You can get this free print here, and while you can print this as many times as you like, please keep in mind that this is for personal use only x


Any thoughts?

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