Let’s go on more adventures

This time next week, I will be starting my first Europe adventure. I think it’s only fitting that for this week’s post (and thoughts) on this little blog, I create something travel related.

“Let’s go on more adventures” is a little phrase that I coined back in my art print selling days (fun fact: it’s not over, I’m just trying to deviate a little bit from hand-lettering and trying to create something more dreamy and whimsical. But more on that next year.)

That gold foil print became the most popular, so it was actually the first – and hopefully not the last – that has to go on a re-print. When you have a little side hustle, something like a re-print is worth popping an eight dollarest bottle of wine for.

Anyways, I feel like I have treated this blog with care and produced a lot of quality content this year (another thing worth popping an eight dollarest bottle of wine for), so I just wanted to let everyone know that this blog will be quiet for the rest of the year. You are welcome to follow me along on Instagram for snaps and stories (stories using words, not the Stories feature).


Love, Eleah.

Any thoughts?

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