Escape To: Cebu, Philippines

I thought I’d do my long overdue Cebu/Oslob travel post a little differently. You only need to google it to fall in-love with the place and add it to your travel bucket list. I do have one tip for getting around Cebu though, and it seems counter-intuitive… but. DO NOT BOOK OR JOIN A TOUR.

Instead, find a driver slash tourist-guide. You’ll save heaaaps more money. You won’t have such a tight schedule to do things. Also, the chances of the driver/tour guide being friends with people in the tourism industry (whale shark watching guides, boat hire, canyoneering guide, snorkeling gear hire, etc) are HIGH. Which means, they will try to get a discount for you. At least our driver/tour guide did, anyway.

We stayed at an Airbnb in the city that has an amazing city view but will not recommend. It was in the same street as Cebu’s Edge Coaster though. And yes, it’s what it sounds like – a “roller coaster” at the edge of a 130-meter tall building.

For our time in Oslob, we stayed at this resort. Once you’re in Oslob, there are a lot of options of things to do, which I think suits both the extreme and chilled-out traveler. Cebu (especially Oslob) is such a beautiful place to just relax and be still. Seriously, google it.


Any thoughts?

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