Hope is alive

Listen to Kristene Dimarco’s “Hope is Alive” here.

Today we remember Jesus’ death and resurrection. To me, this  revolutionary act whispers, “Come home. Come, taste and see that the Lord is good.” It’s THE ultimate invitation that bridges the chasm caused by man’s rebellion against God.

To some, Jesus Christ is just another man. To some, a myth. To some, He might just be a good guy who did good and noble things. And maybe to some, the cross is a foolish act, a joke. But to us being saved, it is the promise of heaven that there is life after death, rejoicing after sorrow, freedom from chains, restoration from brokenness, revival after destruction, healing from sickness, and there is beauty for ashes. There is hope upon hope.

I pray today that you encounter the love of a Father that bankrupted Heaven to be in close proximity to you. He is alive, He is here, and He loves you with a love that can’t be fully grasped or explained even if all the superlative words in the dictionary are put together. (Yes, His love is that extravagant, and He is that good.)

Nothing will undo the work of the cross. Hallelujah, indeed.


Any thoughts?

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